How Does Aging Affect Dental Health?

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Oral health remains a significant difficulty for older adults, and the natural aging process brings forth various challenges in maintaining it. Seniors often find themselves more susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Elderly tooth loss is a common, serious concern that impacts quality of life.

At Northbridge Dental in Waterloo, ON, we are dedicated to helping older adults care for their teeth in their golden years.

First, we share some important information on how aging impacts dental health. We also offer professional advice for taking care of oral health in older adults.

Understanding How Aging Impacts Dental Health

We all age, and it impacts our overall well-being, including our teeth. The aging process brings about cellular changes in our mouths. These changes increase the risk of dental problems including decay and tooth loss. Furthermore, the aging process can introduce physical effects that make it increasingly challenging to perform proper oral care at home. This only exacerbates senior dental issues.

Gum Disease: The Leading Cause of Adult Tooth Loss

When it comes to the most common cause of tooth loss in adults, gum disease takes the spotlight. Periodontal disease is the official name for gum disease. This disease impacts the soft tissue supporting teeth but eventually leads to permanent damage of our jawbone and teeth. Without proper treatment, it will worsen to advanced periodontitis, marked by irreversible tooth loss. 

The initial stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, manifests with gum inflammation and bleeding. The encouraging news is that gingivitis is highly treatable. Early intervention can reverse the effect, restoring oral health and preventing tooth loss. Dental checkups and cleaning for seniors help prevent and catch gum disease early on.

Senior Dental Care Obstacles

In addition to the natural effects of aging on dental health, seniors often face obstacles impeding self-led oral hygiene. Aging also affects our ability to move, especially fine motor skills used for brushing and flossing. This can make it hard to care for your smile as you age, which only makes professional cleanings that much more important.

Senior Dental Care is Critical

Regular professional dental care is vital for preventing tooth loss among the elderly. However, many older adults do not get professional dental care as often as they need it. Concerns with transportation and cost often get in the way.

At Northbridge Dental in Waterloo, ON, we provide empathetic senior dental care. Our goal is to help seniors enjoy healthier smiles well into their golden years. We are familiar with the dental care obstacles that seniors face, and we do all we can to help mitigate them.

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