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Don’t let your kids go through pain and fear alone—at Northbridge Dental, we provide quality dental services to kids in Waterloo, Ontario, and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being able to take the stress out of your child’s visit to the dentist.


Our team of dentists and their staff are professionals at providing pediatric dentistry and ensuring kids are at ease and have a good time while they’re here. Our facility is specifically made to offer stress-free, kid-friendly by using gently calming music, instructional cartoons, and dental accessories to make children feel relaxed and at ease.

Contact us now and create your little munchkin smile like never before.

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Experienced Dentist, Waterloo

Are you looking for a reputable dentist in Waterloo who can improve your child’s smile and oral health? If so, Northbridge can help. Our private dentistry team is extremely proud to have improved the smiles and long-term oral hygiene of so many kids.


Our team is a fantastic example of commitment, consideration, and knowledge. Our dentists are registered and licensed to support and maintain excellent and long-term oral health. Get in touch to schedule a professional and enjoyable dental appointment for your little one.

All kinds of dental services for kids

With a cheerful ambiance, kid-friendly seating, Northbridge Dental is here to appeal to kids of most ages. Our team is passionate about and committed to offering children the best possible dentistry services in a relaxed setting. We are a cutting-edge dental practice in Waterloo created specifically to cater to the playful, innocent, and inquisitive young minds of preschoolers, grade schoolers, and teenagers up to 18.

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Why is good dental health important for kids?

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Prevention of Disease

Taking appropriate care of children’s developing teeth can avoid plaque, gum disease, and tooth decay, and your child’s general health will improve. This will result in fewer sick days, missed school days, and less time dealing with dental pain.

Healthy Tooth Development

From the time of their first tooth until 18, a pediatric dentist can diagnose and treat young mouths, identify possible problems and get your kids started on the road to a gorgeous smile.

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Children Benefit from Dental Routines

A routine gives children a sense of comfort and stability, which helps them thrive. Routines also teach your children the value of developing good oral habits.

Happy Children have Healthy Smiles

 Ultimately, it’s virtually impossible to quantify the boost to self-esteem that a strong, healthy smile provides. Children who smile often eat and speak more clearly, which boosts their self-confidence.

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How can we help?

In terms of kids’ dentistry, Northbridge Dental is changing the rules. We can provide comprehensive service by including kids’ dental treatments that are stress-free, compassionate, and safe.

We offer customized visits for each child because different dental considerations apply to different ages. Our child-focused dentists at our cutting-edge dental clinics make appointments enjoyable for kids and stress-free for adults. Speaking of which, parents looking for a kid’s dentist in Waterloo can come in person to our office.


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