Wisdom Teeth Removal Waterloo, ON

Prevent common oral health issues with wisdom tooth removal in Waterloo.

Wisdom Tooth Removal In Waterloo, ON
While we prioritize preventative dental care, there are times when tooth removal is necessary. One of the most common types of tooth removal we complete is wisdom tooth removal. Extracting wisdom teeth helps address and prevent several dental concerns.  Our experienced wisdom tooth dentist will help you determine if wisdom tooth removal is right for you. Visit our dental clinic today for wisdom tooth extraction in Waterloo, ON

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that usually appear between the ages of 15 and 25. An average adult mouth is designed to hold around 28 teeth comfortably but most adults end up with 32 teeth. These additional four teeth are called wisdom teeth, (AKA) third molars.

Why Consider Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

The reason that some adults grow wisdom teeth is because throughout evolutionary history the human jaw has become smaller and smaller. Because of this the wisdom teeth become blocked or impacted by the other teeth around them. 

This can become extremely traumatizing. If the wisdom tooth partially erupted, food can get trapped in the tissue surrounding the tooth. This can lead to bacterial growth and possibly serious infection. 

While some people’s wisdom teeth come in without a hitch, it’s fairly common for these final molars to cause issues. If your wisdom teeth are coming in at an angle, causing crowding, or damaging your surrounding teeth then the doctor would usually recommend extracting it.

Visit Us for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Waterloo, ON

Visit Northbridge Dental to address your wisdom teeth needs. Our wisdom tooth dentist will examine your teeth and determine the best treatment solution for you. When it comes to wisdom tooth extraction in Waterloo, ON, count on us for quality care.  

Contact our wisdom tooth dentist in Waterloo, ON today.

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