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Our composite fillings adhere to your teeth and mimic the natural color and texture, maintaining the brilliance of your smile. All our fillings are made with a specific material, which provides a perfect look to your teeth.

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One of the first things someone notices about you is your smile! No one can tell it’s not your natural tooth because white fillings blend in with your smile’s color and texture. Northbridge Dental doctors are keen on providing oral health and helping patients from Waterloo and surrounding communities with the best dental care – clean, healthy, and affordable.

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Our dentists, with years of experience, provide white composite fillings for a more natural method of fixing your smile, whether you have a cavity or a chipped tooth. Our talented team of experienced dentists ensures that each patient receives the best care possible.

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White Fillings in Waterloo, ON and Nearby

Being an expert in dental care is our passion, and we are dedicated to providing the best service at affordable rates. Our white dental fillings are a perfect solution for those who cannot afford to get dental work done traditionally.

Northbridge Dental offers complete white fillings services in Waterloo and surrounding areas. We use the most up-to-date technology that offers improved aesthetics, increased longevity, and reduced pain.

Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step system allows patients to easily get taken care of while they wait for their appointment.

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What is a white dental filling?


White fillings, commonly referred to as composite fillings, are made of composite resin, a blend of tooth-colored acrylic resin and glass (silicon dioxide). White fillings, as their name implies, are white, so they mix more naturally with the rest of your teeth.

Due to its inability to withstand the pressure and wear caused by the rear teeth, early dental composites were only used on the front teeth. However, in recent years, composite white fillings have significantly improved and may now be used successfully in the back teeth.

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How do dentists use composite white fillings?

To prepare your tooth for a filling, your dentist will begin by cleaning it. After preparation, the composite is layered, and each layer is given a specific light to harden it. The composite is molded to fit the tooth once the procedure is complete. Then it is polished to stop wear and discoloration.

Benefits of White Filling

No harm to natural tooth's strength

White fillings are safer for the tooth structure. For example, silver fillings can corrode and seep into the mouth and blood. White fillings are free of hazardous metals and chemicals and are biocompatible.

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Reduced Risk of Sensitivity

White fillings have composite resin that heats less quickly than metal. This prevents patients from feeling uncomfortable consuming hot or cold meals and beverages.

No metal or mercury

White fillings do not change size in response to temperature changes. The expansion and contraction of silver amalgam fillings are temperature-dependent. Over time, these variations may wear down and harm the tooth structure nearby.

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Subtle Tooth Color

White fillings look good on the outside as composite resin mimics teeth’ natural color and sheen. Doctors can further polish the resin once it has solidified to give it a reflective quality comparable to that of your natural tooth.

White Fillings for Front Teeth

White fillings are frequently utilized in front teeth to restore damage brought on by accidents, wear, and decay. In some cases, it can also be used to correct gaps between the front teeth or reshape teeth. Front teeth can be restored to their former beauty using the same tooth-colored composite material used for white fillings. Because of the bonding procedure, this substance is less harmful to front teeth than porcelain veneers.

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White Fillings vs. Silver

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White Fillings

White fillings, commonly referred to as composite fillings, are made of composite resin, a blend of tooth-colored resin and glass (silicon dioxide).


  • With the help of white fillings, which match the tone of your teeth, your fillings will look completely natural when you smile.
  • These fillings aid in reducing sensitivity and restoring tooth shape.
  • There are many aesthetic advantages to white fillings.


  • The shade of the composite can change slightly if you drink tea, coffee, or other staining foods

Silver Fillings

Silver fillings, also called “amalgam fillings,” are made mostly (50%) of elemental mercury and a combination of powdered metals, including silver, tin, and copper.


  • They are durable and sturdy; they don’t break or come off easily.


  • Metallic gleam: Every time you open your mouth to laugh aloud, the brilliant silvery metallic glint is visible.
  • Mercury vapors: It is well known that mercury is emitted as vapors, which are breathed by the lungs and travel to other body organs. Some dentists believe there is a slight possibility that it could have hazardous effects on internal organs.
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Are White Fillings More Expensive?

White fillings cost more since they require more labor to apply and have a more natural appearance. However, the advantages outweigh the price as they also preserve more of your natural teeth. The size and location of the cavity will, however, affect the cost. Both white fillings and silver amalgam fillings have advantages and disadvantages. As a cosmetic dental office, we use composite white fillings as a regular part of our general dentistry procedures because of their aesthetic appeal.

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Do White Fillings Hurt?

No, white dental fillings do not hurt. The decay or previous filling must be removed from the tooth to place a filling. This is done after a small dosage of local anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing. It’s normal to feel some sensitivity after getting a filling. The pain should go away entirely within a few days to a couple of weeks. Give your tooth time to recover, and let your dentist know if you’re still experiencing sensitivity after a few weeks.


Your white fillings should last at least ten years when performed correctly by skilled dentists; they will last longer if you take good care of your teeth, practice good oral hygiene, and visit your dentist and hygienist at least once every six months.

White fillings offer far better tooth protection since they have insulating qualities. Additionally, the nearby natural tissues are better protected. White fillings match the color of your teeth. So yes, they are good for your teeth.

White fillings, commonly referred to as tooth-colored fillings, are typically constructed of porcelain or composite resin. White fillings are biocompatible, nontoxic, and far safer for your teeth and body than metal alternatives because they do not emit gasses.

The majority of dental practices now use white fillings as a regular practice. This is true for two reasons


  • white fillings appear more natural than silver fillings
  • white fillings are much safer overall.

Like other fillings, white dental fillings occasionally have the potential to split, leak, or come out. This could be due to the decay around them or trauma from bites or impacts.

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