Oral Hygiene After Wisdom Tooth Removal: What to Know

Man Brushing His Teeth

Removing wisdom teeth can help your dental health in the long run. The extra molars are known to contribute to oral health concerns like tooth decay, infection, and overcrowding. 

But properly caring for your mouth after the procedure is essential for infection-free healing. 

So, when can you brush your teeth after wisdom teeth removal?

The answer may surprise you!

Hear expert guidance from our dental team below.

Brush Your Front Teeth on Day 1

It often surprises our patients, but you should start brushing your teeth on the same day as your wisdom tooth removal!

One caveat though: only brush your front teeth. Stay away from your extraction site. Giving the area a day allows it to clot and start the important healing process.

Full Brushing 24 Hours Post-Op

You can brush your teeth as normal starting 24 hours after the procedure. It may seem scary, but your mouth is ready for it. While you must be careful near the extraction site, you shouldn’t avoid brushing your back teeth. 

Brushing as normal is key for proper healing. It keeps your mouth clean and reduces bacteria. This helps the area heal and prevents painful infections. 

Choose the Best Brush for the Job

We often recommend electric toothbrushes to patients for a more thorough cleaning, but not after wisdom tooth removal! For the first couple of weeks, you may need to use a different brush. Choose one that has gentle bristles and a small head. This way, you can control its movement better and brush more safely.

Gentle Brushing

You may also need to adapt your brushing technique while your mouth heals. Use light pressure, and be careful near the back of your mouth. Use a small circular motion to buff away plaque without disrupting your healing gums. 

Count on Our Wisdom Tooth Removal in Waterloo, ON

If you may need your wisdom teeth removed, Northbridge Dental is here to help. We offer comprehensive tooth removal services in a modern dental clinic in WaterlooOur entire team is committed to making the process as simple and pain-free as possible. We provide you with detailed aftercare advice as well. 

Entrust your wisdom tooth removal needs to our team. Contact us and book your appointment for a wisdom tooth removal in Waterloo today.

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