Dental Bridge Waterloo, ON

Fill the gap of your missing tooth and enjoy a healthier smile with a dental bridge in Waterloo.

Dental Bridge In Waterloo

A missing tooth or teeth can cause structural shifts to the mouth and jaw which may result in difficulty eating or speaking normally. With a dental bridge, you can restore your smile, speech, and chewing ability.

Our dedicated team at Northbridge Dental offers restorative dentistry services, including dental bridges. We’ll help you get your smile back on track in no time! Schedule consultation for dental bridge in Waterloo today.

How Does a Dental Bridge Procedure Work?

If you’re missing teeth, a dental bridge in Waterloo can close the gap in your smile. Made of materials such as Zirconia or porcelain, dental bridges are strong and durable false teeth that easily blend in with your natural teeth.


We create an abutment (a connector) with your natural teeth. We use the neighboring teeth to support the dental bridge.


Once the abutment is formed, we take a scan of your mouth.


We then send the scan to our dental lab partner who constructs your personalized bridge. Your custom tooth bridge will blend into your smile seamlessly.


We often place a temporary bridge to safeguard your tooth while we wait for your permanent bridge to arrive.

What to Expect After a Tooth Bridge in Waterloo?

It may take you some time to adjust to your new bridge. Following the dental bridge placement, we advise you to eat soft foods for at least 3-4 days before transitioning back to regular eating habits. However, we will provide detailed instructions for before and after your dental bridge during your consultation.

Visit us to discuss your case specifically and put together a few options for you.

Visit Northbridge Dental for a Dental Bridge in Waterloo

Are you ready to restore your smile after a missing tooth? A dental bridge is a simple, durable solution to replace missing teeth. Find out if it can help you improve the health, function, and look of your smile today. Visit our dedicated dental clinic in Waterloo for a tooth bridge assessment, and then count on us for all of your dental restoration needs.

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